Monday, 16 January 2017

GLFC Family Day   BBQ 11/1/2016

What a wonderful roll up we had for our January Social night. Yummy salads came through the door and Geof and Rose came prepared with fantastic whiting for all, already "pankoed " to be deep fried to a crispy golden brown. Thanks so much for all their work catching and preparing it. Some of us even got to take home a few to cook for our lunch the next day! Delicious desserts topped off the evening. As usual everyone pitched in getting tables set up, washing and cleaning up done having as much fun with each other whether we were in the kitchen or sitting around talking and enjoying the view.

Things really heated up when Neil came along prepared to teach us a rollicking new card game for any number of players. Now how could an intelligent lady end up being "Piggy" when she was trying so hard? Becky was heard saying ..... "don't look at your cards, just look at people's noses", Rose learned what was left and right, May quickly learned the rules and only got to 'pig' and I suspect the Widdowson's were in cohoots with each other. If the amount of noise and hilarity were any guide as to how much fun we were having, well I think it was the perfect "10". 

 Carol McDonald

the "card game"
 couldn't get my finger up quickly enough -- says Miss Piggy