Monday, 29 August 2016

19-21st August 2016
Marlo Fishing Weekend
             Friday night saw our full contingent set up at the Marlo Ocean View Caravan Park. Not a tent in sight with Alby and Carol, Barry Bills and Neil’s vans, the Myers camper, Grants “thingymajig” secured  onto a trailer  and  Barry sleeping “rough” in the back of his vehicle. It had been decided that this park was more suitable in that it had a large undercover camp kitchen and more space.  The pub provided a good meal and an opportunity for 3 of our members to put some serious discussion into planning their next day …… see photo!!!
                All boats were put in at the Bodribb where the Curlip is moored which has a useful fish cleaning bench. Whilst it wasn’t a hugely successful day number wise, everyone seemed happy to catch a few. As Alby and Carol had the scales back at camp and no fish cleaning is allowed there, the group decided to make this a length competition. Barry Bills had a 34cm bream and junior Shawn had a 32cm bream. A few mullet were also caught. With all the fresh water going down the rivers these fish were caught in close to the edge and only on worm. Carol was taking it easy and fishing from the jetty and along with others on the jetty didn’t even get a bite on the outgoing tide. She did try later in the Brodribb sitting in the car with her rod propped in the bull bar. Still no luck but the ever changing skies and the beautiful scenery she was content.
              Happy Hour was very happy with Ian and Barry’s fire pits and wood keeping us all cosy. “Jack” our camp mascot kept us all amused with his meerkat stance. Ian’s BBQ plate came in very handy although his blow torch method of lighting it intrigued us. See photo!!! We didn’t need to use the camp kitchen after all. Thanks Barry P for purchasing and cooking the BBQ meal.  Carol thought she would give her opinion …especially about the onions ……… and she was politely told where to go …. She sooked for a few minutes and sat down but then she told everyone that is always how it works with her!!!
              Carol and Alby provided dessert telling everyone they had to bring a plate and spoon. Barry B said I won’t worry about that I’ll just eat it in my hand. He was warned it would be hot and cold and runny and after giving in and bringing a bowl he conceded that yes the plum pudding, ice cream and custard was hot and cold and runny!!!
             Most went off to bed early but there were some “moths” around the fire. I said to Bronwyn the next morning “I hope those talkers didn’t keep you awake”. “No” she said “I was one of them”
              What a great weekend of fishing and camaraderie. If you want to get to know your fellow Club members, this is the way to do it. Fish, eat, pitch in and share a campfire together. Perfect!
Carol McDonald